Spoon Fever – Honda Jazz GE8

May 17, 2013

[infobox maintitle=”BEHIND THE BUILD” subtitle=”CAR: ALL NEW HONDA JAZZ GE8 (2010) | OWNER : RHINZA FRONTLINE” bg=”red” color=”white” opacity=”off” space=”30″ link=”no link”]

[tabgroup layout=”vertical”]
[tab title=”EKSTERIOR”]- Spoon Sports cutting sticker and decal
– Spoon Sports windshield
– Spoon Sports reservoir band
– Carbon pillar
– Short antenna- Red Honda emblem
– PW JDM tow hook (front)
– Custom towing (rear)
– Day Running Light
– Stainless JDM plate holder
– Hella daylight 5000K[/tab]
[tab title=”INTERIOR”]- Recaro SR3 racing seat
– Takata seatbelt 4point
– Pivot shiftlamp
– Red Honda emblem (steer)
– Ashimo doll
– Spoon Sports legal parts sticker
– LED cabin light[/tab]
[tab title=”ENGINE”]- Unichip dastek v.Q
– Port n Polished
– Throttle module
– K&N replacement air filter
– NGK iriway 8 spark plug
– Muffler Spoon N1
– Front pipe ORD’engineering
– Resonator ORD’engineering[/tab]
[tab title=”UNDERCARRIAGE”]- Velg Spoon Sports R15
– Spoon Sports cover brake
– Tein S-tech spring
– Cusco Strutbar
– Achilles 123 tires 195/50[/tab]
[tab title=”THANKS TO”]God, family n my bro Rheza F, SIGMA SPEED, [Frontline] autoclub, ORD’engineering, Stickcars, Pro Custom, Kelvin JDM market, Suhendart[/tab]