HDMF Performer Registration

This is the registration form for HDMF Perfomer 2019. Please take your time and verify that all of your information is correct before submitting! If you encounter any errors or have any questions during the registration process, please email us at vee@hinofficial.com.

  •   CDJ
  • * Equipment : Pioneer CDJ 2000nxs2 + DJM 900nxs2 / Pioneer DDJ RR / DDJ SR2 & HDJ 2000mk2 / HDJ X5
    * Artist are allowed to bring extra equipments/instruments
    * Artist are to perform 60 minutes duration
    * Genre : All Genre (NO BREAKBEAT NO JUNGLE)
    * Artist are getting certificate & 2 entry tickets for (1 artist 1 manager/other) if more, must buying ticket on the spot